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In this page a Midi interface for adding a pedalboard to a VPO 


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To midify your pedalboard (up to 32 notes) you can use the very small printed circuit board PEDSCAN from Roman SOWA (40 €).
You only have to add a small power supply or a battery (5 to 12 Volts) and build a diodes matrix.
Pour midifier le pédalier et la pédale d'expression, vous pouvez utiliser le très petit circuit imprimé PEDSCAN de Roman SOWA (40 Euros).
Vous devrez ajouter une alim 5 à 12 Volts ( quelques mA seulement) et vous construire une matrice à diodes
  • scans 32 contacts organized in array of size 4x8
  • user defined split point
  • user defined MIDI channel for the keyboard/split and pot
  • user defined MIDI event type for the keyboard/split and pot
  • user defined transposition for each split
  • Program Change using note contacts as numeric entry
  • all settings stored in nonvolatile memory.
  • MIDI DIN cable, with matching plug to the board included
  • requires 5-12V DC power supply, about 1mA current consumption.
  • auto-power-off reduces power consumption for long battery operation
  • dimensions: 17x31mm (0.7''x1.2'') 

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