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Reinhard KLUTH



Hallo Jean-Paul Grade arbeite ich an Deiner neuen Komposition, die ich so großartig finde.
Du hast einen unverwechselbaren Stil, den ich besonders liebe, weil er so völlig anders als die bisherige und übliche französische Orgelmusik ist.
Deine Musik kann man so wunderbar auf historischen oder historisierenden, aber auch auf ganz neuen symponischen Instrumenten spielen. Ja, Deine Musik kann beim Üben und Spielen schon richtig glücklich machen. Herzliche Grüße von Deinem Freund Reinhard

October 2012


Organist at St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral. Fond du Lac

Jean-Paul it gives me honorable pleasure to recommend your compositions. They are practical, and are most useful for services, teaching and recitals. I will be doing an article in my Cathedral's monthly letter to the congregants about your gift of music, and how God is using you to proclaim His message of Love and Praise. I am looking forward to Concerto in D Major, being specifically composed for me.

October 2012

Phillip Hoenig

Organ builder

Phillip F Hoenig I am an Organ Builder from Iowa USA, I enjoy all of Jean-Paul's works. It is like he is Bach come back to visit us in 2012.

October 2012


Organiste concertiste international

Cher Jean Paul, Un grand merci pour tout ce que vous faites pour faire vivre notre instrument roi l'Orgue.
Par le biais de vos compétences en informatique, en compositions, en musicalités, vous apportez à nos "registres" de nouvelles couleurs sonores, de nouvelles mélodies, harmonies etc....Nous avons la chance d'être de vos amis.
J'admire également votre courage et vos peintures. Bien amicalement

October 2012


Compositor and singer

Caro Jean-Paul, sei la persona che io stimo di più al mondo. La tua grandezza di compositore ti annovera tra i più "Grandi compositori del passato", ed è un onore per me averti conosciuto. Le tue composizioni sono una gioia per l'animo, una fonte inesauribile di bellezza e di arte. Infiniti ringraziamenti, l'Italia ti ama!

October 2012

Michal MESJAR Slovakia

Slovensky organista

Jean-Paul si uzasny skladatel s mnozstvom dobrych napadov na nove a nove kompozicie. Velmi ti dakujem za kompozicie , ktore si mi venoval a slubujem ze ich coskoro nahram na cd . Zelam vela uspechov ako v zivote tak v tvojej velke zalube komponovat.  

October 2012        

Organist and Conductor of Cappella Musicale Costantina
S.Agnese and mausoleo of Costanza (Roma)
I loved such inspired compositor - so kind and nice friend, his organ passion let him free with marvelous ideas as strong bach follower with a strong love for Music! Im proud of this friendship. Dear JeanPaul you got it! Bravo! November 2012
Eppo Rynko OTTES
Pipe Organ builder Dear Jean Paul !              23 nov.2012
About one year you have written many compositions with the virtual sample of the Mostóles-organ (Madrid), the organ I build in 2004. I am very happy,you like this organ an for that reason,you wrote so many compositions! Also someone especial for me !
You Compositions have given a good impression of the Mostóles organ, Many Thanks !!!
You are a great Composer. I hope you write more in the future .........Your friend  Eppo Rynko Ottes
November 2012
David W. GOTCH
Organist at  St. Paul's United Methodist Church, Abilene (Texas) Jean-Paul, I just wanted to tell you how much I like your "Monster" book of organ music. BRAVO !!!!!!!! December 2012
Sanctuaire Saint-Jude

Cher monsieur Verpeaux,
Je tiens à vous féliciter pour le magnifique de composition que vous faites pour la musique d'orgue. Vous êtes un très grand compositeur. Moi-même, je suis aussi organiste dans un sanctuaire à Montréal au Québec et je joue quelques-unes de vos compositions à l'orgue à la messe. Ces pièces sont tellement bien adaptées aux messes par leur originalité et surtout par leur manière de faire prier. J'ai pris dans votre site plusieurs pièces gratuites et je les joue à différentes messes, messes de funérailles et messes d'anniversaire. Vous êtes des plus généreux de laisser plusieurs partitions gratuites pour les organistes. Je recommande souvent votre site à plusieurs de mes amis organistes ici à Montréal. Vous voyez, vous êtes déjà connu très loin de la France. Je me demandais, ainsi que plusieurs de mes amis organistes, pourquoi vos compositions sont en anglais, étant vous-même français?

Durant le carême, j,aime bien jouer votre Complainte de Voix humaine et l'Adagio pour un frère bien-aimé.
Êtes-vous vous-même organiste dans une paroisse, je vois que vous décrirez souvent l'orgue de Pibrac?
En terminant, je puis vous dire que vos compositions sont vraiment inspirante pour un organiste et surtout ce qui me plaît, parfois humoristique comme le Requiem pour un saule pleureur et la pièce pour un chat bien-aimé.

Encore une fois toutes mes félicitations, c,est un plaisir de jouer quelques-une de vos oeuvres et de passer des heures dans votre site si intéressant.

Mars 2013
Luis Enrique Garcia

University professor

Restrepo, Valle del Cauca.

I expressed to Jean-Paul how much I enjoy his piece A Cradle - Song of the blessed Virgin. This morning I got the most great and unexpected present: my name in the score.
I only have cried of emotion twice in my adult life: 15 years ago when I had in my hands Bach´s authentic manuscripts in StaatsBiblliothek (Berlin, thanks to Brigitte) and this morning, thanks to Jean-Paul:
I´ll be remercié avec vous every day of my life.

June 2013

Augustine TAKATS

amateur Hauptwerk Virtual Organ enthusiasts

The Myco-2013 program is an excellent, easy-to-use program. But what is more important, Jean-Paul is a true friend who always patient, understanding and helpful. Thanks for everything,
A Myco program egy kiváló, egyszerűen használható program. De ami ennél sokkal fontosabb, Jean-Paul egy igaz barát, aki mindig türelmes, megértő és segítőkész.
Köszönet mindenért, Ágoston

June 2013

Donald F Rock Jr (Donnie)

Church Organist/Pianist

Jean-Paul, thanks ever so much for the piece \"Carillon de Don.\" Nobody\'s ever written music specifically for me. This is a beautiful piece. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do!! Again, much Thanks!!!

August 2013 

Director of Music and Organist, at Christ Church Cambridge Dear Jean-Paul, I wanted to let you know that yesterday, for the Feast of St. Francis, I played the piece you composed when my cat, Grayson, died earlier this year: "Prayer for a Beloved Cat." Thank you! We noted in the service bulletin that it was composed in Grayson's memory, and quite a few people commented. We always invite people to bring their pets for a blessing after the main service on this day each year. Since I am at church for the whole day (7:20 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening), I always brought a photograph of Grayson for a blessing. I miss him dearly, and am very grateful for your piece. With best wishes, Stuart. October 2013
Organfriend Hello Jean-Paul ,
it`s an nice Homepage und you are writing very great Organmusic !
With nice greetings
Stanley HARRIS
Organist Hi Jean-Paul,
Thanks for creating Basilica! I am having fun building a variety of virtual pipe organs with stop samples from the Basilica library. My first Basilica organ  replicates the stoplist on my 3-manual digital organ, so I use Hauptwerk to play my  custom Basilica virtual pipe organ directly from the console controls.
Basilica\'s stops sound more realistic than the digital organ\'s stops.
Now, I can play the Basilica organ independently or together with the digital organ.
Once created, I voice and tune the Basilica organ. So many possibilities...I\'m just getting started!
Best regards,  Stan
Organist, Pianist Hello & God BlessYou.  Just discovered your web page after researching virtual organs for a couple years. I went to your FB page & saw I was already following you as we\'ll as your YouTube channel-which shows how much info is out there & how easy it is to get distracted by other searches:) Thanks for the info on midifying an existing organ as well as the sample sets! (I\'m not advanced technically & dont have time to practice daily so I\'m always on the lookout for pieces i can learn in a couple of practices or a couple weeks.)Can\'t wait to look at some of your music!  So sorry to hear of your physical condition-may God grant you peace & grace.
William MORONG
Electronic engineer and organist at Paoli (PA) Dear Jean-Paul,
St. John is now installed, and sounds very good.
I especially appreciate the mellow and round tone of the reeds of this organ. The bassoon and oboe are smooth as silk, and the trumpet, unlike most, blends rather than dominating. The tremulant is nice, not weak like some romantic organs, and not exaggerated like some theatre organs.
Keyboardist My friend! Ami! We talked at Magle forums, send me your mailing address I\'d like to send you my books free of course!
Where can I buy organ pedals pedalboard or what do you call it, that I can use with my keyboards?
Much love and continued success to you JP!
Retired teacher, organist
I have enjoyed Your compositions, and now with a medical condition I have been retired as a teacher. I bought your Left Foot passacailleback in 2012 and now that I am no longer a teacher,
I have the time to really learn this piece and play it during the services sometime in the near future.
Your compositions are very contemplative and tender, and I hope to be able to learn more of your beautiful music!
You are an amazingly talented composer!
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